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The Latin American Left in the 20th Century: National and Transnational Crossovers in Its History

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The left in Latin America emerged hand in hand with global processes that combined with the local trajectories of the respective workers' movements in each country. For this reason, from its genesis, this political sector contained the characteristics and elements typical of the political culture in which it emerged. At the same time, however, its militants and political leaders never failed to recognise, with greater or lesser emphasis, the global character of the struggle in which the development of their respective collectivities is. Indeed, the international battle for socialism was a common characteristic of the large part of the Latin American left. This dossier reflects on the political and cultural practices of the Latin American left in different periods. From different methodologies, we can see the national versus the international, even transforming themselves into transnational proposals. In this sense, this set of papers contributes to the debates coming from both political history and social history.



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